About Michel 

'Helping people become successful by being themselves!'

During my career I helped over 3000 people with personal development, and realized more than 40 commercial improvement trajectories for B2C and B2B companies. In addition, I have founded and sold 4 companies, introduced an international e-commerce company into the Dutch market and held 5 commercial management (board) positions. But that didn't come naturally to me. I didn't have an easy start in live, or a university degree, and yet I made it happen.

People often ask me how I managed to achieve that, and at some point I started to ask myself that too. So I started to research if this is 'my thing', or could this be for everybody. After a while, I founded a unique

(congenital) philosophy to work from. It is as unique as someone's DNA. I called this philosophy; the HUMAN SUCCESS RHYTHM. In my view this is the basis for healthy and happy functioning in life, a life you are destined to have.


In order to validate the HSR philosophy, between 2019 and 2022 I started to select and design methods in order to create business programs. I helped international management teams and Dutch government with these programs for me to investigate my HSR philosophy. I have implemented methodical iterations which eventually led to full-fledged programs that work in organizations.


But my ideal always was to share my findings with a larger audience. For everybody to enjoy and move forward in life. Therefore, I sold the business programs in 2022 and kept the HSR philosophy to write a practical self-help book.


Due to my other activities, the focus to write this self-help book, and the Saturday HSR Seminars, happens during my spare time.