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SINCE 2019

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"I had really nice and constructive co-creation and coaching sessions with Michel to define Anchormen’s marketing strategy, B2B and B2C propositions. During the intens period together, we have made huge steps forwards, just what we needed. Michel is a strong business thinking, energy-inexhaustible and a pleasure to work with person, someone I can recommend any company that is ambitious to move forward!"

Rutger, (co)Founder & Managing Director

I first met Michel years ago through an app-agent relationship when he was serving as the interim CX director and strategic advisor to the CEO of BCC. Our innovative SaaS solution caught his attention, leading to a contract award, and we have kept in touch since. Together with my co-founder of SPEAKAP, we organized several evening sessions for commercial growth coaching and brainstorming at our office, where Michel provided valuable input. We shared our plans for expanding to the US and UK&I with Michel, who then introduced us to a Managing Director from his network that we ended up hiring.

Aside from coaching, Michel offers insights as a successful scale-up entrepreneur and can provide valuable introductions from his network. If you are looking to grow your scale-up, Michel's guidance and coaching come with guaranteed success.

Erwin, (co)Founder & CEO


“Michel helped our European Directors and myself with leadership programs, including; coaching, inter-vision and cultural positioning. The impact it made on our personal development processes, was exactly what we need.


Michel looks at the organization in people- and people in the organization, his philosophy and impactful coaching trajectories are innovative and completely unique.


The result is, that as an organization, we work more closely together. We are more in balance both individually and bonded as a team, somewhere between  the human dimension and results.


Today, our customers get an even better customer experience than ever before- it sets us apart from the competition. It is already giving us more than we ever thought possible.”

Julien, Executive Director Benelux & Global Board Member 

“Michel la Pierre's philosophy and programs are all-encompassing and truly adaptive. Michel challenged me, and my Management Team to find the right balance between factual content and adding human touch. The themes that were discussed were work-life balance, ownership and community spirit. The Management Team Development Program is completely tailored, in which theory, skills, training, inter-vision and individual coaching, come together. We continued with the Individual Leadership Coaching program, where each colleague discusses his or her own case with Michel. The beauty of this approach is that Michel was not only able to think along, but (above all) adapted the entire process to the needs of the group and/or individual colleagues. Just what we needed!”


Alex, Director Commercial Lines



Justus 38

“In a trusted environment and with a good relationship as a basis, Michel was able to help me discover and focus on what is really important to me. This has enabled me to be authentic and to focus on a future that aligns with my standards, rules and values. As a result, I am happier in my personal life and I manage my global teams better .”


“With his innovative method, Michel knows how to expertly help our strategic and tactical professionals (who are open to this) to a higher level.”

Feite, Director General - Ministery OCW

“Through his approach Michel has helped a large number of our professionals to take ownership of their personal effectiveness and focus in this regard. These professionals are more balanced in themselves and therefore more productive. This has made the organization stronger.”


Ron, Deputy Director Higher Education- Ministery OCW and

Chairman Higher Council European Institute Florence

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