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Michel la Pierre

Be successful
by being yourself

Founder Human Succes Rhythm Philosophy

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Get into your Human Succes Rhythm, and live life you are destined for 

Without an easy start in life or a university degree, I made a name for myself as an successful entrepreneur, commercial executive, board member and business coach, read more >>

Because people kept asking me how I achieved these successes, I started to research if this is 'my thing', or if this could be for everybody. I developed the Human Success Rhythm (HSR) philosophy and validated it between 2019 and 2022 with programs in the corporate world.


My passion is to share my findings with a larger audience, for everybody to enjoy life and move forward. Therefore, I sold the corporate programs in 2022 and decided to focus solely on writing a practical self-help book about HSR-philosophy and methods.

Due to my other activities, the focus to write this book (and give the Saturday HSR Seminars about it) happens during my spare time. If you are interested please subscribe below:

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