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Michel la Pierre

Building successful  business teams 
realizing sustainable growth

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The art of growing sustainably and exponentially is volatile and often complex.
I believe cooperative team dynamics, ownership behavior,

qualitative interaction and morale are leading success drivers.
To thrive in today’s economy, it is vital to

design, find, develop and preserve successful business teams.

Michel la Pierre 

Interim Executive Optimizing Business Teams


Getting the most out of your business teams so that they perform at their best!


As interim improvement director, I (re)design, implement, and accelerate cross-responsible business teams achieving growth together.


I create teams with a growth mindset. They take ownership of- and maximize:

  • Effective organizational collaboration (chemistry)

  • Market strategy delivery & process optimization

  • Output performance 


This 'one time right' investment prevents, or overcomes, adverse (and thus costly) risks. It secures:

  • Company top- and bottom-line goals

  • Loyalty, low absenteeism and employee turnover rates

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I research the (current) team, market, organization, and performance.  I share my vision about what a winning team should look like and how to build one in the most effective and cost-efficient way.


The 'ideal business team' is predicted by Behavioral Team Design.
I investigate the needed group dynamics by checking whether potential team members are authentic and have the right balance between soft- and hard competencies/skills. I investigate empathic behavior, qualitative interaction, (business creative) growth mindset and intellectual capacity. Most important, I find out if they have the desired 'team loyalty & ownership' behavior which is needed to give each other confidence and thrive being a successful team. Furthermore, I develop custom profiles for the team.


If necessary, I carefully help existing team members transfer to a new position. Based on the new profiles, trusted partners search to fill positions for the 'ideal' team. I select, interview candidates, and discuss these with my customer. When approved, I hire the new talents and introduce them to the current team members.


As coach and sparring partner, I nurture, shape, and guide the team during the enrollment, market strategy, innovation, and performance phases. Before I move on to step 5, the team has a healthy Rhythm of Business and is on target.


After putting together a successful team, I search, hire, and enroll a suited Director/VP successor to lead it. Finally, my customer gets a full report of the entire process, including recommendations.


Enterprises & Scale-ups

Redesigning, sensitively merging (existing- with new hire talents), implementing and accelerating blended team(s).


Designing, hiring, implementing and accelerating business teams from scratch.

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Business creative, and result-oriented professional with extensive experience and a track record in realizing growth with cross responsible business teams in competitive and changing markets:


  • Grew 5 digital/software companies as CCO

  • >50 interim assignments concerning growth 

  • Business coach, guided >3,000 people (references)

  • Market entry for global leader into the NL

  • Started, built, and sold 4 companies

“My value is to deliver a high-quality, full-service proposition. I ensure my service meets my clients’ business objectives, minimizes risk, and maximizes benefits.”

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